Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gaming the results

Dave wants to know what you think about the war in Iraq. And, he's asking your advice and doesn't care if you're a Democrat, Republican; or if you think the war is a mistake or if you think it's a worthwhile cause.
Eastman estimated that 5,000 to 10,000 people will open the e-mailed message containing the survey. With war-related House votes possible, plans were to tally survey responses Friday and about a week later, Eastman said. But people also can respond after that, either by e-mail or by letter, he said.
Excellent, you say, excellent. It's good to see someone in Congress seeking out the opinions of those whom he claims to represent.

But, you're wondering, how did he pick those 5,000-10,000 people in the 4th. Well, here's your answer.
* The survey is unscientific. The questions went to people (Camp supporters and others) who requested Camp's electronic newsletter plus some other residents of the 14-county congressional district.
Uh-huh. So, if you think Dave Camp is a partisan hack, there is good reason to think that you aren't signed up for Dave's electronic newsletter. In that case, Dave isn't so interested in what you think.

Of course, you can be forgiven if you think Dave's mind is already made up on this.
"Iraq has become the central battleground in the War on Terror," Camp's introductory letter said. It adds:

"Islamic extremists, some backed by Iran and others by al Qaeda, are attempting to turn Iraq into a safe haven from which they can plot and launch future attacks on our homeland. The consequences of failure in Iraq are grave.

"We also know that staying the course is not acceptable. I have said in the days since the president announced his new strategy for the War in Iraq that this is our last chance to succeed. Progress must be made quickly if the country is to stabilize.

"It is my belief that there is no greater issue facing our country than the War in Iraq. I also firmly believe, as I know you do, that our troops have served ably and honorably. To those that have served and are still serving, we owe an unrepayable debt. I will be forever grateful for their service to our country, and will do everything in my power to ensure they have the full support of their government from the first day they put on that uniform and every day thereafter."

Of course, the idea that Iran and al-Qaeda are stirring up trouble in Iraq is contrary to our latest NIE, but what the heck. We also know that Dave doesn't want Congress to tie the hands of President 30%-er on the war.

So, really, the question raises itself ... Dave, rather than picking what must be a small, supportive sample of people for their opinions, why not either take a leadership role in the face of continued carnage, or at least take a gander at neutral, objective, scientific polls of what the American people want rather than relying on the people who sign up for your electronic newsletter.

The answer answers itself.

Dave Camp, not a leader. Dave Camp, out of touch.


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