Monday, October 09, 2006

What Did Dave Camp Know? When Did He Know It?

As if we don't know enough about the failure of the Republican Congress, we now have the question of the Foley Follies and the failure of Republican Congressional leadership. So what did our local Congressman know and when did he know that Congressman Mark Foley was sexually harrassing teenage pages?

Well, Rubber Stamp Camp who votes in lock step with our incompetent President was close enough to the disgraced now-former Congressman that as recently as May 12, 2006 Camp's leadership PAC donated $1,000 to the Foley campaign.

But we now hear from former Congressional staffers that Foley's proclivities were well known in Washington for more than a year. Perhaps, our local Congressman who has now served in his post for almost 16 years is out of the loop. Just a poor schlub who really doesn't know what is going on, do you suppose?

But wait a minute. Isn't our local Congressman part of the Republican Congressional leadership who could or should have known about Foley? Hmmm? Camp claims to be the "deputy majority whip" according to his website.

Do you suppose any of the newspapers in the Fourth Congressional District will actually ask our Congressman what he knew and when he knew it? Don't hold your breath. The local rag is too busy publishing press release photos of our Congressman visiting senior citizen centers.


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