Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dave Camp - Champion of the Tobacco Industry

While Dave "Rubber Stamp Camp" is busy approving trade agreements that help to ruin our local sugar beet industry, he is at least working hard to save one crop -- tobacco. Perhaps there is a farmer or two who grows tobacco in Michigan's 4th Congressional District, but the tobacco drying sheds are well hidden in these parts if there are any.

So one wonders who our Congressman represents when he has become the number one beneficiary among all our Michigan federal elected officials this year with $8,500 in donations. Here's the link. It seems the tobacco industry still wants to make money selling an addictive product that kills and maims and especially to our children.

So after 16 years in Congress, our rubber stamp of a Congressman, has done well for himself and his family, but has forgotten who he represents. Perhaps he should just move to Virginia or the Carolinas where tobacco sheds dot the countryside and fields are full of golden stalks this time of year.


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