Friday, January 19, 2007

Rubber Stamp Camp Endangered In '08?

According to a MyDD analysis, Republican Rubber Stamp Dave Camp is the 50th most endangered Representative in Congress.

Those of us who pay attention to Rubber Stamp Camp should only be surprised that he isn't higher on the list. In '06, Rubber Stamp Camp spent over a million dollars to pull in 60% of the vote in an area that went 55% for Bush just two years earlier. Camp was up against Mike Huckleberry, who spent just over $55,000, and had very little support from the party organization.

By the way, if you’re wondering … that’s a ratio of over 19 Rubber Stamp dollars for every single Huck buck. And cost per vote? Dioxin Dave paid $6.86 for each of his votes. Huck paid a meager 55 cents.

Some people credit Huck's strong showing against Camp to the "blue wave" that swept across America, but the fact is that voters are catching on to the fact that Dave Camp is not only a rubber stamp, but a corporate sell-out and a PAC hack. Camp raised 69% of his total funds from special interest PACs, and he's delivered on those investments. One example ... in more than a decade of consistently exporting American jobs and importing Central & South American (read: low cost) labor, Camp finally stepped up to protect American workers. Which American workers, you ask? Just the sugar farmers.

You want Dave Camp to fight for your job? You gotta pay him.

And who can forget Camp’s shameless attempt to change House rules to protect the criminal Tom Delay? Dave's nothing if not loyal to his pals.

As for Camp’s ideology, that’s a bit hard to figure out. He markets himself as a small government conservative, but no public dollar is too great to spend on limiting your speech, your civil liberties, and your right to live and die with dignity. He likes to preach against “death taxes”, but he has no problem with the “birth taxes” he creates with his borrow and spend philosophy. Ask him on any given day what exactly he stands for, and he’ll get back to you after he measures which way the Republican wind is blowing. Check his voting record … Camp hasn’t had an independent thought for at least 16 years.

Camp is more vulnerable than people think. There is only one thing keeping Camp in Congress, and that’s the absence of a competitive Democratic Party.

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