Friday, January 19, 2007

Camp and stem cells

Once again, ol’ Rubber Stamp Camp has voted “no” on stem cell research just like his party told him to. He got away with it before because W, who has no problem with basing public policy on personal religious beliefs, vetoed the legislation and the Republican-controlled Congress rolled over and played dead again.

It is different this time around. Bush has vowed to veto this legislation, but this time is that the Democratics might be able to override his veto. We have the votes in the Senate, but the House is still iffy.

Contact Camp and urge him to take a brave and, for him, scary step, and vote “yes” to override the veto. If he responds with the usual “concern for human life” (something that has not concerned him much as he voted to send American soldiers to needlessly die in Iraq; legalized automatic weapons; or when he cast the many votes against funding for pre-natal health care, health care for the children of the poor, and the many other “no” votes that diminished the lives of the poor and middle class), let him know that his constituents are finally waking up his hypocrisy, and 2008 is not far away.

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