Sunday, January 28, 2007

Recent News Does Not Bode Well For Camp

A couple of recent news pieces bring bad news for Dave Camp.

Camp's voting record clearly demonstrates that he identifies as a party line Republican. When his party's conservative, he's conservative. When his party is moderate, he's moderate. A couple of recent news pieces indicate that Camp's rubber stamp loyalty isn't going to work out for him in '08.

First, there's this disturbing Newsweek poll, which indicates that only 30% of Americans approve of Bush, while 48% say that their opinion of Bush will be at least "somewhat important" in determining who gets their vote in '08. 61% are dissatisfied with the way things are going in America. 31% of Republicans say that their party didn’t do enough to challenge the administration on the war.

(By the way, does anyone else remember the slogan, "On their turf, on our terms. Not on our turf, on their terms"? You should, if you were unfortunate enough to encounter one of Camp's campaign schleps in 2004. That's how he defended his support for the war.)

America is dissatisfied, and even Republicans aren't happy with Republicans. But Camp can take comfort in the fact that his gerrymandered district was carved out to fit him perfectly, right?

But then comes this little piece, from ABC News 12:

But as some look to the future, they say it may get worse. In Mid Michigan, Genesee County doesn’t have the highest percentage of kids living in poverty.

Of counties with populations over 65,000, Saginaw County has the most, followed by Isabella and Midland counties with numbers in the teens and Shiawassee and Lapeer with more than 10 percent of their children living in poverty.

Saginaw. Isabella. Midland. Shiawassee.

All in the 4th district.

All of them "represented" by Camp.

People are suffering. People are dissatisfied. People don't like Bush. Bush is a Republican. Camp is nothing but a Republican.

Bye bye, Rubber Stamp Camp.

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