Saturday, September 23, 2006

Camp Rates Zero on Veterans Issues

Our Congressman in Michigan's Fourth Congresional District likes to figuratively wrap himself in the flag, just like our president. But when it comes to casting votes for those who are maimed by a senseless war that had nothing to do with 9/11 , Dave Camp shows he doesn't care about our veterans. The Disabled Veterans of America(DAV) ratings on issues that matter to those who have been put in harms way gives high marks to Democrats in Michigan. Congressman like Dave Camp, who pay lip service to helping our vets gets a zero rating from the DAV. Check out the ratings of the rest of our Washington delegation from Michigan here.

Dave Camp takes good care of the rich and powerful, but those who come home missing a leg or worse, get the YOYO from Rubber Stamp Camp. (You're On Your Own).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dave Camp - Champion of the Tobacco Industry

While Dave "Rubber Stamp Camp" is busy approving trade agreements that help to ruin our local sugar beet industry, he is at least working hard to save one crop -- tobacco. Perhaps there is a farmer or two who grows tobacco in Michigan's 4th Congressional District, but the tobacco drying sheds are well hidden in these parts if there are any.

So one wonders who our Congressman represents when he has become the number one beneficiary among all our Michigan federal elected officials this year with $8,500 in donations. Here's the link. It seems the tobacco industry still wants to make money selling an addictive product that kills and maims and especially to our children.

So after 16 years in Congress, our rubber stamp of a Congressman, has done well for himself and his family, but has forgotten who he represents. Perhaps he should just move to Virginia or the Carolinas where tobacco sheds dot the countryside and fields are full of golden stalks this time of year.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Torture As National Policy? Another Rubber Stamp

I think I am coming down with a case of outrage fatigue and I suspect many other Democrats are feeling the same way.

I really can't believe what George Bush is doing to our country and after each new fiasco, blunder, ignorant move, outrageous new measure or snafu, I feel outraged. But George Bush will be the very first and, I hope, the last president to lobby Congress in favor of torture.

Eliminating Social Security, lying us into war on our grandkids credit card, allowing corporate lobbyists to write laws that favor the rich and powerful all pale by comparison to a president who avoided his war time duty who loves the idea of torture.

Torture is not a family value. A president promoting torture in MY country? That is totally outrageous. But so are most of George Bush's other policies that have turned the world against us including our allies of just a few years ago.

Torture as national policy is so appalling that even the former kiss-ass Secretary of State Colin Powell couldn't keep quiet.

But I am so tired of being outraged, I am emotionally exhausted. And our local Congressman, Rubber Stamp Camp, will, of course, do what he has been told and again vote lock step with the other Republican rubber stamps to give this morally bankrupt president everything he wants.

Perhaps we need a new slogan. Stop the Outrages, Vote Democratic.