Monday, October 31, 2005

Who Needs Wetlands? Not Dave Camp!!

Our local Congressman, Rubber Stamp Camp, can always be expected to vote for the rich and powerfull and against the rest of us, but he has always tried to keep all that from us. Whether it is his efforts to get Dow Chemical off the hook for polluting local rivers or making the world safe for polluters, Dave Canp has always been there, rubber stamping the Bush administration's attack on all the environemental laws and regulations passed in the last 30 years.

It is not surprising then that Dioxin Dave would also go to bat for a motel owner in Traverse City to gut wetland regulations designed to keep the Grand Traverse Bay from becoming another over developed area like Houghton Lake. Ignoring wetland regulations made Katrina worse then it needed to be, but Dave Camp and his friends in the Bush administration could care less, because the rich and powerful keep their campaign coffers fat.

The whole sordid story is in this weekend's Traverse City newspaper under this article entitled
Camp goes to bat for hotel owner on beach

Million Dollar Dave

Duplicitous Dave likes to claim to be a "man of the people," but the truth is he is your sterotypical representative of the rich and powerful corporations. We'll have more to say later about where his money comes from, but he has a lot and has no intention of not raising more.

He probably won't spend a million dollars to run for re-election next year, but he's got it there now according to this article in the Oct. 22 issue of the Midland Daily News.

Dave Camp Taking Orders From Karl Rove?

Our Million Dollar Congressman, Republican Dave (Rubber Stamp) Camp is rarely photographed, because he likes to maintain the facade of being a man of the people -- just a guy from Midland. But Margie Williams wondered about this Time Magazine photo taken in 2004 at a Bush campaign stop in Traverse City. Camp now has a million dollars in his campaign war chest, thanks to Tom DeLay and other Republican stalwarts. He's the best Congressman Dow Chemical could buy -- the folks at Dow have given Camp's campaign war chests more than a quarter million bucks since he first started running for Congress. Man of the people or Karl Rove's buddy?

Rove, Delay and Camp are all birds of a feather -- the right wing. Posted by Picasa