Tuesday, August 16, 2005

DD does it Again

Well there he goes again. Duplicitous Dave set the scribes at the Saginaw News purring when he sat down with them to try to explain what the heck he was doing voting for a trade agreement that would devastate the district's sugar beet farmers.

At least the Sag News folks didn't embarrass DD too badly since they chose to run the Aug. 2 story on Page A6. What DD told the News is that it could have been worse, you see. CAFTA isn't going to screw sugar beet farmers quite so bad as it coulda been. They will still get screwed, but not as bad. Isn't our Congressman something? What a super nice guy.

Richard Leach of the Michigan Sugar Co. wasn't buying it though. "If CAFTA is the template, it won't take very many more of these agreements before we no longer have a domestic sugar market," Leach told News reporter Barrie Barber.

Dave and Trade

Fourth District Congressman Dave Camp never met a trade agreement he didn't like. He's voted for every one of them including NAFTA and CAFTA despite the devastating effects on his constituents. Job loss? Outsourcing? Moving jobs overseas? Sugar producers going under? It's all part of globalization and his district just needs to understand where the world is going today.

Rubber Stamp Camp is just doing what comes naturally for him and his buddy Tom DeLay and the global corporations who make Dave's job in Washington possible. It doesn't matter to Dave that thousands of manufacturing jobs have been lost and that local sugar beet farmers have mortgaged their futures to grow a little bigger and better. It doesn't matter to Dave that 4th District jobs are heading to Mexico and elsewhere around the globe.